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"I think it is a whole new beginning for the Ruffin and the county at large," said Jeff Yarbrough of the Tipton Arts Council, the group putting together the event.

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Massey Burch Capital Corporation
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The Customer

Massey Burch Capital Corp. is a venture capital firm nestled in the outskirts of Green Hills. The firm and its predecessors have enjoyed more than a thirty year history of investing in the Southeast.

Massey Burch established its first website in 1998 and used it as a (somewhat outdated) bulletin board. Refreshing the data became time-consuming and difficult to manage. The site began to fail serving its purpose.

Recently, the firm decided to explore developing a new site that would serve as two-way communication tool, a site that would easily update its clients and possibly engage the public in discussion on a blog.

The Results

"Choosing Bondware for our new website has proven invaluable. The final product exceeded every need proposed to the staff. Bondware made the set-up, design and upload of data a flawless and professional transition.

"The software is sophisticated yet user-friendly and has the capability of providing additional features as our firm's needs grow. Bondware enables our website to be updated within minutes and provides useful back-end data analysis so we understand the site's effectiveness."
—Theresa Sexton
Investor Services
Massey Burch Capital Corporation
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