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Boosting Your Brand with Bondware
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"Choosing Bondware for our new website has proven invaluable. The final product exceeded every need proposed to the staff. The software is sophisticated yet user-friendly and has the capability of providing additional features as our firm's needs grow. Bondware enables our website to be updated within minutes and provides useful back-end data analysis so we understand the site's effectiveness."
~Theresa Sexton
Director of Investor Services
Massey Burch Capital Corp.

Venture capital firm, Massey Burch Capital Corp. has chosen Bondware's design services and software solutions to help boost its brand image among institutional investors.

Although Massey Burch and its predecessors have managed over $250 million and supported the growth of over 60 companies in a wide variety of industries since 1994, they need to demonstrate this expertise and leadership over the web.

"Massey Burch established its first website in 1998 and used it as a (somewhat outdated) bulletin board. Refreshing the data became time-consuming and difficult to manage. The site began to fail serving its purpose," said Theresa Sexton. (Director of Investor Services).

"Recently, the firm decided to explore developing a new site that would serve as two-way communication tool, a site that would easily update our clients and possibly engage the public in blog discussions."

The www.MasseyBurch.com website incorporates Bondware software's latest design upgrades including rotating header images on the homepage and different layout design for internal pages.

In addition to site design services, Bondware's "out of the box" web applications and tools made it unnecessary for designers to reinvent the wheel for every new feature the corporation needed for its enhanced web presence.

For instance,

Bondware content management lets Massey managers quickly and easily update news and information on their site. Gone are the days when new content was e-mailed to a technician and posted "whenever."
Bondware's blogging feature demonstrates the company's expertise and investment philosophy to potential institutional investors, thus ensuring a good fit for both investors and portfolio managers.
Bondware's Secure File feature helped Massey reduce costs by posting important, and private, files and materials in a secure downloadable area of their website.
Content is kept fresh through the use of rotating news articles on the home page using the features available in Bondware's Ad Manager. Although it is not implemented at this point, these articles could be syndicated from the site through Bondware's RSS Module.
Many of the web tools a company needs are already in the Bondware package, and new modules can be designed and inserted into the Bondware for a relatively minimal investment. Thus Bondware can continue to grow and enhance a company's presence without the necessity and expanse of rebuilding an entirely new website every few years.

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