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It's Time to Update
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If you haven't updated your Bondware core lately, you're missing a lot of new features.

We recently improved the news article/web page publishing section to make it much more friendly for sites with large numbers of pages and sections. Now, when you view articles/pages you'll see only the section headers. Click on the + sign to the left of the section name and that opens the section to view all articles/pages in that section.? For large online publications with numerous articles, the new feature has been well received, "I am so happy. It makes my job so much easier," said Susan Stewart, editor of
Medical News, Inc.

It's also much easier to create a sidebar link (although in Bondware 3.0 a sidebar can be anywhere, including a tab of links at the top of the page).

Now when you click on "add new link" you'll get an additional menu that asks if you want to link to a Bondware article/page, Bondware Section, or to a Bondware Webform.

When you upgrade you'll also get a new Bondware HTML editor with more options and features.

Its just one more way we're working to make you a Web Master without having to master web code.


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